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  • Divorce can be such an emotional and draining process. Going into it, I had no idea where to begin, what to expect and what the divorce process looked like. Then came Rachel and Kara. We had a telephone conference and they walked me through the entire process and made me feel so much better. Rachel was my attorney and I could not say enough good things about her. She was not only caring and compassionate towards me but she fought hard for me and she advocated for me when I wouldn’t and/or couldn’t for myself.


    Not only is she highly professional, she is also honest and very straight forward. I truthfully don’t think I could have gone through this process if I didn’t have Rachel on my team. Kara sat in on our hearing and provided such great insight and knowledge. There were many times I wanted to back down on our position and the two of them really did an amazing job at making me realize I had to keep pushing forward. In the end, although divorce is never the intended outcome, I am happy with how my situation turned out and I couldn’t thank them enough for guiding me through it. I would recommend this firm to anyone going through a divorce because you will have a team of professionals who will back you 100% and fight as hard as they can for you.