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  • Divorce can be such an emotional and draining process. Going into it, I had no idea where to begin, what to expect and what the divorce process looked like. Then came Rachel and Kara. We had a telephone conference and they walked me through the entire process and made me feel so much better. Rachel was my attorney and I could not say enough good things about her. She was not only caring and compassionate towards me but she fought hard for me and she advocated for me when I wouldn’t and/or couldn’t for myself.


    Not only is she highly professional, she is also honest and very straight forward. I truthfully don’t think I could have gone through this process if I didn’t have Rachel on my team. Kara sat in on our hearing and provided such great insight and knowledge. There were many times I wanted to back down on our position and the two of them really did an amazing job at making me realize I had to keep pushing forward. In the end, although divorce is never the intended outcome, I am happy with how my situation turned out and I couldn’t thank them enough for guiding me through it. I would recommend this firm to anyone going through a divorce because you will have a team of professionals who will back you 100% and fight as hard as they can for you.  

  • I would highly recommend attorney Rachel Hodgman for any family law, child custody, or child support cases. I can personally say that she was an enormous help to my case. She is very knowledgeable of the laws and also very responsive, helpful, and informative. The case was handled with a firm strategy used to get the result we wanted. Mrs. Hodgman has also continued to make herself available for any questions and to provide advice. That is very much appreciated! I have recently moved to Western Ma and would still consider using Attorney Hodgman before going to any other practice.  

  • I want to express my sincere gratitude to Attorney Rachel Hodgman and all her staff. Your attention to detail, your expertise and knowledge have been very much appreciated throughout these months of working together on my case. I will certainly ask Attorney Hodgman to represent me again in the future if the need shall arise. I worked in the past with a couple other law firms and Leary Hodgman Law was the best I could hope for. Everyone at the office was super kind, knowledgeable and helpful. I wish to send much gratitude also to Attorney Alexandra Isaacs. Thank you so much for being always so kind, calm and supportive with me. Thank you all so much, 5 stars service to you all.

  • Amazing attorneys, professional staff. Would highly recommend to anyone needing family law.

  • So professional, and so kind. Attorney Leary has made me feel so confident, so empowered, and so comfortable. Will forever recommend Attorneys Leary & Hodgman.

  • I highly recommend Rachel if you are looking for a diligent, empathetic and knowledgeable lawyer. I hired Rachel to represent me during a very difficult and uncertain time in my life, and felt lost as to what my next steps were. I reached out to a good friend who is an experienced lawyer for advice, and I am so grateful she recommended Rachel. I felt confident with her in my corner as Rachel is attentive, hard working and has an amazing ability to simplify and explain the seemingly overwhelming ins and outs of the courts/law.  More than anything, Rachel’s equanimous demeanor and wisdom helped me to relax throughout the process so that the best possible outcome was reached for my whole family.

  • My experience with Attorney Leary and Attorney Hodgman has been overwhelmingly positive and I would highly recommend either of them for any issues related to family law or probate litigation. They are both highly professional and it is evident that they care deeply about their clients. If you need any legal assistance, I strongly suggest you call them.

  • Attorney Hodgman is the reason my mother is living out the final chapter of her life with the dignity she deserves.  Attorney Hodgman recognized the urgency of our situation and was able to get us before the judge at a time when the courts were backed up and only open virtually due to COVID. Attorney Hodgman is a rare combination of extensive knowledge and compassion. She and her team kept me informed at all times, returned my emails and phone calls, and gave me hope. I cannot thank Attorney Hodgman enough for navigating my family through what was a terrifying, stressful, and seemingly hopeless situation.

  • Attorney Leary is absolutely phenomenal! When it comes to family law, she’s extremely professional, caring and does everything in the best interest of her client. Family law is extremely stressful and she takes it all on. Staff is also amazing.

  • Attorney Hodgman and her team helped me at one of the most difficult times of my life as a parent and helped me with respect, dignity and made me feel as I could trust in my attorney and her team. I highly recommend them for probate court and can say they are dedicated and kind! Thank you all!

  • Best divorce attorney on the Cape! Rachel is diligent, compassionate, and caring. You will not be disappointed!